Chinthamaneni arrested, to end up in Jail!

TDP leader Chinthamaneni Prabhakar, who had been facing multiple cases against him, has been arrested today.

It is known that a case has been filed on Chinthamaneni, for allegedly using cuss words on Dalits. As his arrest was found to be inevitable, he had been absconding since then and the police were in vigorous search of him. Finally, 12 days later, today, Chinthamaneni was spotted at his residence and within no time, the police arrested him, shocking the family members.

Several times in the past, Chinthamaneni showcased his aggressive attitude, which did not go well with the public. He physically assaulted a lady Tahsildar Vanajakshi in the past, which disturbed the political circles and Chinthamaneni had to face a severe backlash from all the sides  then.

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There are times that he even went against TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu. Now, as police mentioned that he has over 50 cases against him, it seems, this could be the end of the political career of Chinthamaneni, as it is tough for him to come out of the jail, in the near future.

Meanwhile, the TDP activists are condemning the arrest, as they consider it as an intended target of the state government on the opposition party leader.