Chikati Gadilo Chitha Kotudu movie review

Chikati Gadilo Chitha Kotudu is an outright adult movie, aimed at youth audience. The film has hit the theaters on Thursday amidst of huge curiosity among the youngsters. Let’s review the film to know whether the movie reached the expectations or not?


Chandu(Adith) and his wouldbe (Nikki Tamboli) goes to Bangkok on a trip, along with his friend Shiva(Mirchi Hemanth) and his girlfriend. The two couples stay in a haunted house, that is possessed by an evil spirit. The ghost puts a strange condition to the boys, where it puts them in a very tricky situation. How did the boys escape from it and came back to India, is what forms the rest of the story.


The ‘A’ certified film has immense double meaning dialogues throughout the film and will be thoughly enjoyed by the youth. Fortunately, a few of the utter double meaning jokes have been showcased neatly, to please the other sector of audience too.
The entire first half of Chikati Gadilo Chitha Kotudu has no strong hold. Be it the characters, story, comedy, songs or conflict point, everything goes for a toss. The second half has some decent comedy, as many characters during this period.
While the main point has a scope to be made into an engaging subject, the director could not use the opportunity and filled the movie with non-serious elements throughout.


Hero Adith and Mirchi Hemanth have suited the roles well. The duo played the cheesy characters effortlessly. Heroine Nikki Tamboli’s glamor helps the mood of Chikati Gadilo Chitha Kotudu. Thaagubothu Ramesh stands out among all the characters in the film. His comedy is surely a savior of the entire film. Rest others are decent.

Technical side:

While most of the dialogues are taken care of, few others sound vulgar and sound cheesy. The screenplay was confusing and with no clarity. Most of the songs obstruct the flow of the film. The production values are decent and so the D.O.P. Director Santhosh came up with a good idea, but could not execute it properly.


Chikati Gadilo Chitha Kotudu is an outright adult comedy. If not for the story or gripping narration, the youth audience can give it a try, for its double meaning dialogues and scenes.

Chikati Gadilo Chitha Kotudu Rating: 1.5/5