Chandrababu’s new DRAMA: Exposed on the spot!

The burning capital issue in Andhra Pradesh is revealing the true colours of our AP politicians. Chandra Babu Naidu who should take a firm stand against Jagan’s decision and put persistent pressure on his government fails to do so. More ever, his statements look a bit weird.

Everyone remembers how opportunistic Chandra Babu is. During the special status issue, the way he took ‘U’ Turn and the way he treated the students who are up against the government in unforgettable in this state’s political history.

While speaking about the capital issue, Chandrababu said that he was very impressed with the efforts put by the ladies in the Amaravati region who did step out to retaliate against the aggressive and police and started questioning the politicians.

Later, the former Chief Minister asked the students and youth to step up against Jagan’s three capital decisions taking a cue of the ladies’ efforts. These words did no good to Babu, in fact, they made him a troll material in social media. Every one reminded him of the situation during the special status issue where he threatened the students on sending them to jail.

This whole caring thing by Chandra Babu is being treated as a drama by the AP people.