CBN USELESS drama at the crucial time!

Naidu Explains Jagan’s Strategy Behind Gn Rao Committee

Since Jagan Mohan Reddy announced the possibility of three capitals for Andhra Pradesh, the situation of the state politics changed overnight.

Every political party and politician took sides and the YSRCP government finally stated that there is no backing off on the capital situation.

They barely care for the Amaravati farmers’ protests which reached the 50th straight day and on the other side, Chandra Babu is trying his level best to influence the people against the YSRCP.

CBN can do politics but he cannot create useless drama with no logic. Naidu’s senseless comments in the ‘Amaravati Pari Rakshana’ meeting in the committee made him a laugher stock in the state. He made a challenge to the government from the stage and asked for a referendum on the Amaravati issue.

With that, he wants to have a look at the majority of the people who wish for the Amaravati to continue as the state capital. “If the people made it clear that they support 3 capitals, I wouldn’t raise a word again on the three capitals,” clarified Naidu.

Naidu must remember that the people of 49 villages would account for nothing in front of the whole Uttarandhra and Rayalseema and these kinds of senseless comments will throw him into an abyss that he couldn’t climb in his whole life if the YSRCP party takes this challenge seriously.