Buchhaiah Chowdary to quit TDP, reveals inspiring reason

Buchhaiah Chowdary, one among the senior TDP leaders has announced that he is willing to quit the party. Not giving chance for any rumors, he also came forward to reveal the reasons behind his exit, which are being considered as sensible by many.

Chowdary said TDP had to face a miserable and biggest defeat in its history in the recent elections, even after implementing several welfare schemes. But such kind of huge rejection is an indication that people are strictly against the several leaders of the party, right from the ministers to the District-level and even Mandal-level leaders.

He said, “Naidu unnecessarily gave importance to the leaders, who lost several times in the elections. Leaders who have the popularity among the public will be helpful for the growth of any political party. But Naidu always encouraged the defeated leaders and tried to boost them, which is what destroyed the election prospects of TDP”.

Chowdary further clarified that he is going to resign for his post of TDLP Deputy leader and asked Naidu to give his post to a BC candidate. He further asked other senior leaders of the party to follow the same and make way for the younger generation, so that TDP will come back into the form.

Buchhaiah Chowdary’s decision is being considered as an inspiring one and is being lauded by the netizens on the social media. On the other side, a few say that the senior leader has decided to quit due to the internal disturbances with the party chief Naidu.