‘Bring me an Omlet today midnight’ Govt doctor Sexual harassment on Nurse

‘bring Me An Omlet Today Midnight’ Govt Doctor Sexual Harassment On Nurse

No matter how many laws are being brought, it seems like the harassment on the women does not stop. Now another such incident came into light in the Nellore district. The doctor who has to serve the public asked a nurse for the ‘room service’.

In Nellore district’s Udayagiri government hospital, a doctor named Ravindranath Tagore called his staff nurse after reaching home from duty. He asked her for an Omelet.

The nurse out of courtesy told that she would make one and send it through one of their employees. But, the doctor insisted her to bring the Omelette herself.

She obliged his words, made one and entered his room. Then he asked her to spend 10 minutes with him and hinted about satisfying his sexual needs. The nurse, being shocked, explained Ravindra that she always thought Ravindra as her father. Even though Ravindra asked her to spend 10 minutes keeping this ‘Daddy’ thing aside.

The nurse went furious and did beat the doctor and handed him to the police. The higher officials are investigating this incident and Ravindra had a history of sexual abuse and was suspended a few years back.