BJP’s successful weapon to fail in AP!

There are severe allegations on BJP, that it is trying to spread Hinduism across the country. It is also widely believed that the national party has succeeded in implementing the weapon. Proving it one more time, BJP AP Chief Sunil Deodhar came up with some disturbing comments on YSRCP.

The national party leader said that the ruling party has been taking anti-Hindu decisions, since it formed government in Andhra Pradesh. After failing to get deposits in the recent assembly and Lok Sabha elections, the BJP had pledged to form the government by 2024 elections. But due to the severe negativity it has been carrying for rejecting special status for the state, the national party is testing his luck by trying to bring Hinduism into the picture.

Adding to it, YSRCP has been facing criticism from a few sections of the public, for allegedly trying to spread Christianity. At this point of time, BJP coming up with Hinduism weapon is being considered as a right option for the national party to make it big in its political journey in AP.

But Jagan on the other side is coming up with developmental programs from time to time and is winning the hearts. So there are very less chances for the BJP to implement and succeed its Hinduism weapon in AP.