BJP may lose Rajya Sabha seats this time from Rajasthan

The change of power in Rajasthan, BJP’s seats in Rajasthan have started to decrease in Rajya Sabha. The BJP lost one position last year, and there is a situation of losing at least two seats this time in April.

The tenure of three Rajya Sabha members from Rajasthan is ending in April this time, and all three belong to BJP. Since Congress currently holds a majority in the state, the BJP believed to be the loss of at least two of the three seats.

There are ten Rajya Sabha seats in Rajasthan, and every two years, there are three seats, and once there are four seats. The last regular election for the Rajya Sabha was held here in April 2018, and at that time, the BJP went to all three positions. It was the time when BJP occupied all ten seats, and this situation lasted till August 2019.

As of December 2018, the BJP was in power in Rajasthan with 161 seats. The government changed in December 2018, and the Congress came to power, and the Congress got the benefit of a change of control ahead of time.

In April 2018, Former BJP state president Madanlal Saini, who sent to the Rajya Sabha, died in 2019, and the Congress on his vacant seat sent former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as a Rajya Sabha member from here. If Saini had not killed, BJP would have occupied all ten positions in Rajasthan by April 2020.

The six-year tenure of Rajya Sabha members Vijay Goel, Narayan Lal Pancharia, and Ramnarayan Doody is coming to an end in April this year. All three are BJP leaders. Of these, Goyal is originally from Delhi, while Doody and Pancharia are from Rajasthan.

In Rajasthan, the government is currently with the Congress and is a member of the Congress in 105 of the 200 seats. Apart from this, one MLA of Rashtriya Lok Dal is a minister in the government, and the government has the support of more than ten independents. In such a situation, if there is no cross-voting, then at least two out of three seats are considered to be in the account of Congress.

BJP can have at most one seat in its account. In such a situation, only seven out of ten BJP members will remain in Rajya Sabha from Rajasthan and if Congress wins all three seats. So this number will remain six.

Considering all the possibilities of joining the Rajya Sabha this time from Rajasthan, manipulation has also started for this seat in the Congress, and the leaders have started lobbying.

Although the BJP’s seats in Rajya Sabha are decreasing, the party is in a strong position in the Lok Sabha. From here, BJP and one of its allies, National Loktantrik Party, occupy 24 of the 25 Lok Sabha seats.