BJP hints to make Hyderabad as second capital!

Bjp Hints To Make Hyderabad As Second Capital!

Considering the severe pollution in Delhi, BJP leader Vidyasagar Rao said that Hyderabad may soon become the second capital of India.

Delhi is currently facing a severe air pollution issue. The local government has already ordered for the odd-even rule in the city for the employees, aiming to let them free from the pollution. However, it cannot be a permanent solution. So the BJP leader has now hinted to make Hyderabad as the second capital.

Speaking at a book launch event, Rao said,”Looking at the situation in the national capital, Dr. BR Ambedkar’s wish might turn into reality and Hyderabad would become the second capital of the country.”

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In the last Lok Sabha elections, BJP won four seats in Telangana, shocking the TRS circles. Since then, the national party is betting big on the state and is aiming to form the government by the next elections. The latest statement of Rao, may also be in accordance with the same.

However, the decision cannot be announced overnight, as it leads to a severe disturbance among the political circles. But it should also be noted that it would be a tight jolt to Telangana government, if BJP considers making Hyderabad as the second capital.