BJP forcing Pawan to dissolve Janasena!

Several times in the past, Pawan Kalyan said that he is receiving numerous requests from the big parties to dissolve Janasena. While he never mentioned the names of any such parties, one can understand that it is none other than BJP.

In his recent meeting with the party leaders in Vijayawada, Pawan once again said that he is receiving several requests from a big party asking to dissolve Janasena. But he made it clear that he is not going to succumb to any such pressure.

Now the netizens are curious to know about the big party, which Pawan mentioned in his speech. There is no question of both the ruling parties of the Telugu states approaching Pawan Kalyan, as both the parties are extremely powerful in their respective states and has no such requirement.

While TDP is in dire need of a strong backing, Pawan’s helping hand will not only trouble Telugu Desam, but also Janasena, as witnessed in the recent elections. For the kind of response to most of the public meetings of Janasena, everyone was of the opinion that the new party would grab a considerable vote share in the state.

But Janasena along with Pawan Kalyan had to face a miserable defeat in the elections. The party had to face such a massive defeat, only due to its alleged secret tie-up with TDP. So, having seen the situation, Telugu Desam may not dare to reach out to Pawan and pressure him to dissolve Janasena.

For the kind of mega lashing comments, Pawan made on Congress, be it in Prajarajyam days or after the formation of Janasena, there is no way the national party would request Pawan to dissolve his party. So the only option left is the BJP, which seriously requires a leader to represent the party in AP.

As the Lotus party completely lost its base in the state, if a leader like Pawan, who can attract huge crowds join BJP, it would obviously be a great boost to it. On the other side, it would also be beneficial to Pawan, who was unable to strengthen Janasena with any major leaders.