Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 – Public Opinion Poll (Unofficial)

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Online Voting – Public Opinion Poll (Unofficial)
Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Online Voting – Public Opinion Poll (Unofficial)

Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Vote (Online Voting Poll)

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu, which began amidst of huge expectations among the mega reality show concept lovers, is moving forward with a mixed talk.

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu went out of the hands of the organizers right from the second week and even the winner was anticipated in the same week. Kaushal Army that started on a low profile, went on to become super powerful, within no time. They used to target the housemates, who went against Kaushal in the house, which made the powerful contestants like Bhanu, Tejaswi Madivada etc, walk out of the house, much earlier and the weaker contestants like Samrat, Roll Rida, who are nowhere contributing to the show in any manner retain till the last weeks of the season.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 – Public Opinion Poll (Unofficial) 

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No special focus on Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Contestants

Unwilling to let go off the Bigg Boss Telugu season 3 like the earlier season, the show organizers are taking extra care in every episode. They are making sure that no contestant gets a special focus or get highlighted among others.

There are times when Himaja was anticipated to be another Kaushal, for the kind of targets she faced in the earlier episodes. But for some reason, Bigg Boss stopped focusing her.

Now Rahul Sipligunj is being targeted on a row and he is being in the nominations almost every week. This is making him gain some sympathy among the audiences. But the Bigg Boss Telugu 3 organizers are balancing the sympathy by focusing him in a negative manner in a few situations. In almost every weekend’s episode, Rahul is getting tight jolts from the host, thus making the audiences kill the sympathy developed on him.

No warnings for groups – Bigg Boss Telugu 3

During the second season, Bigg Boss organizers were against developing friendships in the house. But in the first episode of Bigg Boss 3 itself, the organizers asked the housemates to be friendly and good to each other, without involving in any controversies. They never warned the housemates like Punarnavi, Varun, Vithika and Rahul, who are constantly involved in a group.

Too strict in physical tasks – Bigg Boss Telugu 3

There is an every scope for hurting the other housemates in the physical tasks unintentionally. But the Bigg Boss has strictly has strictly warned the housemates not to injure or  embarrass any housemate in the house in any manner. This is making the housemates do an average job in the physical tasks. They are worried about hurting others for which they are not resorting to any serious attempts. Contestants like Rahul faced the similar situations in many tasks. In fact, such situations made him earn a tag called “non-serious player”, which eventually got backfired on him through the nominations.

Trying to retain the glamour – Bigg Boss Telugu 3

For the kind of aggressive nature, Punarnavi portrayed in the initial episodes, she has become one of the major targets. Audiences were eager to send her out of the show. But as she was the only glamorous lady in the house and her chemistry with Rahul Sipligunj is getting a much required mileage to Bigg Boss Telugu 3 show, the organizers are keen to retain her in the house. For this, they earlier offered a secret task to her along with Ali, that had nothing much to do and is like an intentional bumper offer to Punarnavi.

In fact, in the last week, when Punarnavi came to the nominations, one more time, Bigg Boss planned a task, through which he tried to offer immunity to three out of six nominated contestants. While Bigg Boss anticipated that Punarnavi is not going to compromise and thus get immunity, shockingly, she compromised for Rahul in the house and preferred to stay back in the nominations. So anticipating her elimination much before, the show organizers announced that there was no elimination last week, thus saving Punarnavi out of it.

Samrat and Tejaswi Madivada alleged relation, went much viral in the season 2. But after the latter’s elimination, Samrat had nothing much to do in the show. So learning from the mistakes, it seems, Bigg Boss is not willing to forgo the mileage from the alleged relation of Rahul-Punarnavi. So, both are expected to stay in the show for long.

No contribution leading to immediate elimination – Bigg Boss Telugu 3

If one can observe the series of eliminations in Bigg Boss Telugu season 3 house, the eliminated contestants like Jaffar, Rohini, Ashu Reddy etc. contributed nothing in the show. They were neither active in any task, nor took any stand in the arguments or did anything that is useful to the show. This made all of them to quit the show, in a row. This can also be considered as a lesson learnt by Bigg Boss from the second season, where the active contestants walked out of the show earlier, only due to the targets of Kaushal Army.

Expected eliminations in the coming weeks (based on performance)

As per the trend going in the Bigg Boss 3 eliminations, Ravi Krishna, who is mostly silent in any controversy and never goes against the contestants even in the much required time, is expected to walk out of the show, this week.

Mahesh Vitta is another weak contestant, who shows his performance only during the tasks and stays silent in rest of the time. Adding to it, he is mostly seen with Baba Bhaskar alone and with nobody else in the house.

Siva Jyothi is also expected to face the elimination anytime soon, if she enters the nomination. But for the kind of efforts, she puts in the tasks and raises voice during the issues, her elimination can be expected only after Ravi Krishna and Mahesh Vitta.

Expected eliminations in the coming weeks (based on negativity)

A contestant of Bigg Boss will face the elimination due to any of the two reasons. One among them is due to a weak performance and the other one is due to the severe negativity. While contestants like Rohini, Jaffar, Ashu Reddy etc. left the show due to zero performance, Tamanna Simhadri, Hema had to leave due to the negativity among the audiences. So in that manner, Punarnavi and Vithika, who is carrying the negativity of the audiences since the beginning, may not travel for long in Bigg Boss 3 Telugu house.

How can these contestants be strong in Bigg Boss Telugu 3?

A contestant is said to be strong, only if he or she delivers a top notch performance, like giving 100 per cent in the tasks, taking a stand in tough situations, entertaining the housemates with their humor and any such skills. But Himaja, Rahul, Baba Bhaskar and Varun Sandesh are being projected as the strong contestants though all the four are weak in any one of the important aspects needed for a strong contestant.

Baba Bhaskar is spreading his humor in the house and is able to entertain the housemates  quite often. But he is extremely weak in playing the tasks and never takes any stand in the controversies going on in the house. But there is a huge positivity for him outside the house. He stands on the top in the public voting, whenever he comes into the nominations.

Himaja on the other side, earned a huge sympathy from the audiences, due to the constant targets from the housemates like Hema in the first week, Ali Reza, Punarnavi and Rahul in the later weeks. But there is just a moderate contribution from Himaja till date, in the tasks. There is no such task that she got elevated well and earned appreciations.

Rahul Sipligunj constantly gives up the tasks and fails to give his 100 per cent in the show for the fear of making the things ugly. But as Sreemukhi is constantly targeting Rahul in every week, the playback singer has earned a good sympathy among the audiences, which is what saving him from getting eliminated, even though he enters the nomination list every week.

Finally Varun Sandesh, the good boy of the house, is living up to his tag. Be it in the tasks or taking stand in any controversies or entertaining the housemates, he just comes up with an average performance. But he is being received well by the audiences for his good nature.

Expected finalists of Bigg Boss 3 Telugu

Ali Reza and Sreemukhi are the only strong contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3, who has every quality that is required for a contestant of Bigg Boss. Both of them are extremely strong in playing the tasks, taking a stand in the controversies, raising the voice in the right situations and many other things. Adding to it, Sreemukhi enjoys a ready-made craze as a popular and most happening anchor, which is helping her to move forward in the show, without getting affected by the eliminations.

So along with Himaja, Baba Bhaskar, Rahul Sipligunj and Varun Sandesh who were expected to retain in the show for the reasons mentioned above, even Ali Reza and Sreemukhi will be the good competitors and one among them are expected to lift the trophy in the finale.

Unlike the earlier season, it is extremely difficult to predict the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 3, as every contestant is giving his best in one or the other situation. It seems, the Bigg Boss organizers have learned the best lessons of life from the second season and so are editing the episodes in such a manner that the show does not slip away from their hands.