Bigg Boss: Ravi Krishna nailed it single-handedly

Ravi Krishna, who already got the tag called “Good Boy of Bigg Boss”, is making sure that he lives up to it. The kind of patience he showed when Tamanna constantly irritated, was lauded by many.

In the “Thief and Police” task, Ravi was injured while breaking the glass. So the choice of participating in the task has been left to him. But Ravi still chose to come forward and was able to perform the task well.

Be it in protecting the flags of his team, or dragging the egg from others, he was able to do it single-handed. However, even the housemates cooperated with him, keeping in mind his injury, which further helped him to win the task and made him qualify for the next round.

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Sreemukhi initially felt that Ravi’s injury could make him a weaker contestant. But, shockingly, he won over her anticipations. Ali and Rahul will also compete with Ravi in the second round and one among them will be the Captain of the house for this week.