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Bandobasth Movie Review & Rating

Cast: Suriya, Mohan Lal, Arya, Sayyesha Saigal etc.
Music: Harris Jayraj
Direction: KV Anand
Production Banner: Lyca Productions
Producers: A Subhaskaran
Release date: 20th September 2019


Ravi Kishore (Suriya) is a secret agent, who works for the security of the nation, but is in the disguise of a farmer. He will be given an operation to save the Prime Minister (Mohan Lal) from an attack. Impressed with his skills, PM appoints him as his personal security. But in another attack PM gets killed. The rest of the story is how, Ravi tried to solve the murder case and what are the consequences he found in his operation.


Suriya nailed his performance as both farmer and also as a Secret Agent. Especially, he did well in emotional and action scenes. Mohan Lal is okay in Prime Minister’s role. Chirag Jani as the main antagonist is good. Rest other roles and their performances are satisfactory.

Technical Performances:

Cinematographer MS Prabhu needs a special mention, for his stupendous contribution to Bandobasth. Peter Heins action episodes are good. No other technician could come up with any notable work for the film. Harris Jayraj songs disappoint and so the background score. Editor Anthony tested the patience of audience, by dragging several scenes beyond the limit. Lyca production values are great.

KV Anand, who tries to explain a new point in most of his films, has this time tried to deal with a new side of crime. But both the story and screenplay are weak. Even the director could not come up with any great directional techniques. Bandobasth is not a film that can be expected from a genius like KV Anand.

What’s hot?

– Two action blocks in the second half.
– A warning scene between Suriya, Aarya and Boman Irani.
– Crime idea

What’s not?

– Predictable story and screenplay.
– Slow narration
– Zero entertainment
– Too lengthy


Be it the story, screenplay, songs or any other, Bandobasth is not good in any of the popular aspects. KV Anand could not write a strong role to any of the stars in the film properly. Bandobasth is a tried, tested and done to death formula. Khaleja, Maharshi, Khaidi No. 150 and many such films have considered the similar point already. So it is better to re-watch those films, as they sound better than the latest Bandobasth.

Final verdict: Boring to the core.