Bandla Ganesh satire on Janasena?

Referring to the ongoing Palnadu issue, Bandla Ganesh went against both YSRCP and TDP in the state.

Bandla being an ardent follower of Pawan Kalyan, was anticipated to join in Janasena Party. But he surprisingly picked Congress and made some sensational comments during Telangana assembly elections. After Congress faced a debacle in the elections, Bandla walked out of the party saying that he is going to stay away from the politics hereafter.

After a long gap, Ganesh now reacted to a political issue. He said that the YSRCP government neglected Amaravati, Polavaram and is trying to make AP another Bihar. “As there are no elections in the near future, it would be better if both YSRCP and TDP work together for the benefit of the state”, Bandla said.

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Not stopping there, without mentioning any names, Bandla said that the political parties that have no name and agenda should take rest, as it would give mental peace to the public.

When it comes to criticizing Janasena and Pawan Kalyan, several opposition leaders used the words “no flag, no agenda”. As even Bandla used the similar words, Janasainiks are considering those as indirect satires on Janasena Chief. But in several instances in the past, the Gabbar Singh proved his love towards Pawan Kalyan. So his comments might have been aimed at BJP, as it is well known that Bandla Ganesh is against the lotus party.