Ayudha Puja to Rafale Jet – Dussera gift to Indian Airforce

Rafale deal has been a hot topic in the media for several years and Indian Airforce is happy to be getting the first Rafale jet soon. Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh received the first Rafale jet and perform Ayudha Puja. Dassault Aviation in France is manufacturing these jets and Indian government has placed an order few years.

Another 35 Rafale jets will be delivered by Dassault Aviation shortly and this is the first jet to enter the Indian Airforce. The jet was handed over to Rajnath Singh in France and it will be given to the Indian Airforce in the next few days.

Rafale deal has been in controversy for long time as the price of the jet was increased by almost 120%. The then Defense Minister of India, Nirmala Sitharaman, clarified the raise in price issue saying that the initial requirements were different from the order that was placed later. Rahul Gandhi used the Rafale deal controversy in Gujarat against Narendra Modi.

After all the controversies and the politics, Rafale is all set to make Indian Airforce more stronger. Great Dussera gift to the Indian Airforce from the Indian government.