Awe director shares his helplessness over its sequel

Awe Director Shares His Helplessness Over Its Sequel

Awe is said to be one of the craziest movies one has ever watched in Telugu Cinema. The movie is directed by Prasanth Varma and produced by Nani on Wall Poster Cinema. The movie is appreciated for its uniqueness and non linear screenplay.

It is a very different kind of experience for the audience watching that movie. Prasanth Varma has been appreciated for his unique thought process. Commercially the film did a decent job too. Since the release, there has been many rumors on its sequel.

Audience who liked Awe are constantly asking director Prasanth Varma about the update on the sequel. After getting many inquires, finally the director has revealed the reason behind the delay in its sequel. Prasanth Varma said that he has completed the script work of Awe sequel almost a year back and has been trying to bring it on board since then.

However Prasanth Varma feel that there is no producer to accept the craziness of the script as Awe2 is going to offer more craziness than the first one.

It will happen when it happens said the director who revealed that he tried very hard for the project. So is he indicating that he has moved on from the project? Is Nani, who produced the first part not ready to produce the sequel? What is the reason?