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Arjun Suravaram movie review

Rating: 2/5


Arjun Suravaram (Nikhil Siddhartha) is a reporter working for tv99 news channel. He falls in love with Kavya (Lavanya Tripathi). One fine day, he gets selected for BBC channel. But meanwhile, in a dramatic situation he gets arrested in a crime. What exactly is the crime about and how hero got involved in it. What are the consequences he faced and how did he come out of it? The answers for all the questions form the crux of Arjun Suravaram.


Nikhil came up with a brilliant performance throughout. He picked up well in fights and dances. Lavanya Tripathi is decent in the role she was offered. She is glamorous in one of the songs. Tarun Arora as main villain is good. Vennela Kishore and Satya evoke few laughs in parts. The emotional scenes between Posani and Nagineedu are decent.

Technical performances:

The story picks up interest when Nikhil gets arrested in a crime. About 25 minutes before the interval is the key slot of Arjun Suravaram film. The scenes that prove Nikhil’s crime and pre climax episodes are the highlights of the second half. Art work is top notch and locations are perfect. The crime point picked for the crux is great. The BGMs of Sam CS elevates several scenes in the film.

The director tried to add few commercial elements here and there, which made Nikhil’s performance in such arena dull. Lavanya’s character has no great significance. The first 30 minutes appear boring and the interval block is good. The second half starts on a slow note and moves in the similar manner for about 30 minutes. The director tried to adopt commercial formula in the climax, with some unnecessary chases. He tried to use the sequences only for the hero elevations.

Arjun Suravaram is the remake of Kollywood super hit movie Kanithan. Though the same director has been picked for the original version too, he could not make the Telugu version as effective as the Tamil one. Though the main point is interesting, the way the scenes are treated appear too predictable.

Cinematography is just okay and the quality of visuals appear too low. DI coloring is also unimpressive. Adding to it, graphics have been used at several places in the film, which literally test the patience of the audience watching the film. Production designing is not great and so the editing.


Arjun Suravaram that hit the theaters after numerous delays has been anticipated to be a thorough entertainer. But it seems, the makers followed 1:4 ratio, where one scene appears good and the following four scenes appear boring. Though the point is good, the way it was narrated is too old. Adding to it, even entertainment is too low. Arjun Suravaram may impress those who watch routine and predictable films. Others may not find it much interesting.

Finally: Arjun Suravaram- Good story, bad execution.


Live Updates 

Second Half report 

The interesting interval block raises good expectations on the film. But the second half starts on a dull note. The crime revelation episode in the pre climax is good, but the climax appear too commercial. Not more than 20 minutes is interesting in the entire second half.

11:23 AM: With the support of all the media channels, Arjun wins the game. He exposed the biggest crime syndicate. The movie takes a happy ending.

11:18 AM: Climax chase sequence started. Arjun started revealing the entire crime.

11:09 AM: Posani-Vennela Kishore emotional block gives an emotional touch to film and it leads to climax.

11:02 AM: Pre climax action block is shot well. Arjun saved evidence, along with Lavanya.

10:55 AM: Arjun reveals the way the entire crime took place and villain finds Arjun. Episode turns interesting.

10:48 AM: Finally Arjun reaches villain place and villain at Arjun’s. The scene appear interesting.

10:40 AM: One on one investigation going on from the sides of hero and villain. Arjun waiting for a lead.

10:33 AM: An emotional conflict between Arjun and his father.

  • Chatrapathi Sekhar flash back scenes are emotional. CG work is bad.

10:22 AM: Second half started. Villain aims to nab Arjun now.

First half report:

The first 30 minutes of Arjun Suravaram has nothing much to discuss. It starts on a low note and picks up the pace when hero gets arrested. The emotional blocks after his arrest and the way Arjun tries to solve his case and a chase scene before the interval are the major highlights of the first half. The last 20 minutes before the interval develops good curiosity with the numerous engaging episodes. Second half is expected to be interesting with some cat and rat type fight between hero and villain.

Watch the space for Arjun Suravaram full movie review.

10:07 AM: Arjun first step towards main villain succeeded. Another twist developed curiosity. Time for interval.

10:03 AM: A chasing scene is shot well. It gives a high feel. A good interval block.

09:55 AM: Tarun Arora introduced as main villain.

  • Arjun plans to nab villain with the support of Vennela Kishore. The idea is good.

09:50 AM: Arjun got his first clue to solve his case.

09:45 AM: Arjun on a mission. He started to solve his case on his own.

09:37 AM: Arjun’s crime proved and he was sentenced to 6 years of imprisonment.

09:32 AM: Twist in the tale. Arjun along with several other students get arrested in a certificate forgery case. Story turns interesting now.

  • Raja Ravindra introduced as police officer.

09:29 AM: It’s time for a duet song ‘kanne kanne report veste’ between Nikhil and Lavanya. Lavish out door visuals and Nikhil’s impressive dance moves along with Lavanya’s glamor are the highlights of the song.

09:25 AM: Arjun’s BBC interview scene has some heroic elevations. The scene is good.

  • Arjun’s dream comes true as he gets selected for BBC. Even his love issue with Lavanya gets solved.

09:21 AM: Posani as Vennela Kishore’s father.

  • Arjun explains the gap between children and parents. The scene is shot well.

09:15 AM: Vennela Kishore tried to best to evoke laughs in live debate scene. But its average.

09:09 AM: Time for hero introduction song ‘Tikamaka’. It is shot in a news backdrop.

  • Vennela Kishore as balaji, introduced as a lawyer. Vidyulleka is servant at Arjun’s home.

09:06 AM: Lavanya Tripati introduced as journalism aspirant.

09:00 AM: Nagineedu is Dooradarshan reader and Pragathi is his wife. They both are Arjun’s parents.

  • Flash back mode on. Arjun introduced as tv99 reporter and comedian satya introduced as cameraman Ram babu.

08:55 AM: ‘Mosam vishwavyaptamainappudu nijam cheppadam oka viplavathamaka charya’, a special line for the movie.

  • Title cards are on. Students protesting to arrest Arjun (Nikhil).
  • Nikhil introduced as Arjun Lenin Suravaram. He surrenders himself to police.
  • Kishore introduced as Police Commissioner.

08:52 AM: It’s show time for Nikhil Siddhartha – Lavanya Tripati’s much delayed Arjun Suravaram. The run time is 149:59 minutes.