Are they worried about JD in Janasena?

Denying all the rumors, JD Laxmi Narayana said that he is going to continue in Janasena itself, till Pawan Kalyan send him out of the party.

But the rumor before his announcement has gone extremely viral all over the internet, which made the party forced to give an announcement that there is no such thing happening with JD.

For the kind of humiliating defeat, Janasena faced in the recent election, it cannot be considered as a competition for any major political party of Andhra Pradesh. But Pawan Kalyan’s craze is something that one cannot take chance upon.

He is the only political leader to pull heavy crowds for all of his political meetings, that too without having to distribute any money. While his image as a film star is one of the reasons for it, his personal character, attitude, intellectual thoughts and values he maintain are also the major reasons.

As there are no other leaders like him in Janasena, he was not considered as a threat to any political party, as Pawan was not completely focused on political activities. But the things took different turn with the entry of JD Laxmi Narayana into Janasena.

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JD is widely respected for his intellectual speeches, social services and many more. His thoughts and values are similar to what Pawan Kalyan exhibited in most of his political speeches. So if a person like JD is beside Pawan in the politics, if not immediately, Janasena may turn as a threat to other political parties one day.

So, unwilling to take the risk, one among the two major political parties are reportedly creating rumors of his exit from Janasena, anticipating that it would defame his image in public. But as the ex-CBI clearly stated that he is not going to move out of the party, it is surely a mega bad news for those who spread the rumor.