AP Youth admiring the TREND SETTER Power Star?

Pawan Kalyan’s New Look

In Andhra Pradesh, Pawan Kalyan is a very notable public figure who possesses tremendous following irrespective of the age groups. This man is often said to be a Trend Setter for a reason.

The movies he did in his early stages of the career garnered him this image as they remained as a hallmark in Telugu Film history.

He is neither a great dancer nor possesses a stout body but his mannerisms and style attracted and inspired the Telugu youth to a greater extent.

Unfortunately, even with his immense fame, he failed to create a mark in AP politics. Though, he is being credited as the most honest people’s leader.

Now, Pawan Kalyan is back to his own zonal. His comeback to movies is a carnival for fans and their Chief’s new look for the movie with Krish (reportedly) is trending all over the state.

Pawan is seen in a neat haircut, clean shave and stylish moustache that made all his fans go crazy. Guess what? Most of his fans are in Saloon the next morning to replicate their idol and his spectacular look.

Pawan Kalyan literally donned the new appearance and this mad affection of all Janasainiks let us know why he is called the Trend Setter in both the Telugu States.