Amit Shah strategies excite Telangana BJP leaders

As announced several times in the past, the BJP is finally concentrating on Telangana now and is seriously focused on strengthening the party in the state.

Regarding the same, Union Minister Amit Shah has met all the BJP leaders of Telangana and said that the next target of the party is to form the government in the state.

Though no other party has given a tough competition to TRS in Telangana, Congress had an edge over BJP in the state, as the national party granted the separate state of Telangana. But surprisingly, the Lotus party was able to win four Lok Sabha seats from the state, whereas Congress was restricted to three.

Adding to it, the Hand symbol party severely opposed Article 370, which further worsened the position of it, across the country, including Telangana. So, the BJP has now won the edge over Congress and is so anticipating to make it big soon, by implementing anti-TRS strategies.

BJP senior leaders is all set to hold a massive public meeting in Hyderabad on September 17th. After the meeting, Home Minister Amit Shah will call for a core committee meeting with T-BJP leaders and guide them with the tips to strengthen the party.

As the Union Minister Amit Shah himself said that he is going to oversee the activities in Telangana, it is giving a new hope to the local leaders of the Lotus Party.