A quick review on 6 months of Jagan’s ruling

The YSRCP government has completed six months of its ruling in Andhra Pradesh and the results seem mixed.

It is six months with today when Jagan sworn in as the AP CM for the first time. While there are complaints that the AP has no enough funds to fill any of the promises made by Jagan, the dynamic CM surprisingly managed to implement several welfare schemes. He also announced fresh schemes that were not even mentioned in the list of promises he made during the elections and thus won the hearts big time.

Meanwhile, there is also another end to his ruling. He made sure that the opposition parties especially TDP will face troubles from all corners. Demolition of buildings, reviewing of PPAs, silence about the Capital city construction and several such attempts made by the government were only to erase the impact of TDP in the state.

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While his welfare schemes brought him a good image, his series of targets on TDP erased his hard earned image. So the six months of the young CM’s ruling is a perfect balance of both positive and negative points.

Meanwhile, TDP and Janasena parties are coming up with their identical satires on Jagan’s six months ruling. While TDP already released a book with the title “Manchi CM kadu Munche CM”, Janasena is releasing numerous trolls on its official social media profiles.