2 Main topics during Modi – Mohanbabu meet

Mohanbabu And Family Meets Narendra Modi

‘Collection King’ Mohan Babu astonished everyone with his meeting with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Actually half an hour meeting with Modi is what any person will be provided with.

But to everyone’s surprise Mohan Babu spent more than an hour with Modi.

On the other side, we all are away about Jagan’s struggle to meet Narendra Modi and Shah. He was insulted so many times by the Centre and his meeting with Amit Shah was only provided on Shah’s birthday for a very brief time.

Now, there are two probable topics that could have been discussed between Modi and Mohan Babu.

Actually, there is a talk that Mohan Babu is so interested in joining BJP. This meeting with Modi strengthens those speculations. After elections, Mohan Babu is not at all visible in YSRCP’s party activities too.

The most important rumour that is surfacing is – Mohan Babu talked to a YSRCP minister in mobile from Modi’s place. It is being said that the center is keen to know the exact reasons and possible details from the Jagan’s capital shift decision.

More ever, AP BJP has declared that they are against the Jagan’s three capital proposal. Hence, it is said that Mohan Babu provided the required information to Modi regarding this matter.

So, Mohan Babu may join BJP soon and Modi may talk with Jagan Mohan Reddy soon on Andhra Pradesh capital.